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Self-Analysis and Psychiatric Potpourri

February 2008

         Welcome to my website. Let me explain its raison d'être. Over the years I have developed a paper concerning some psychiatric issues of Workers' Compensation Disability matters. I tried to get it published but was rejected: wrong journal, not scientific enough, etc. So after tweaking it a bit off and on, I have finally decided to Cut the Gordian Knot and put it on the Web on a personal website. I am setting it up in a very basic form. I hope to flesh it out a bit later with illustrative New Yorker cartoons and maybe other bells and whistles. I'd appreciate getting feedback (?Blowback) at . Ciao

March 2017

         Bienvenue Encore. It was nine years ago that I “cast my bread on the waters” in a paper on Workers Compensation. So far no return! I’ll be 90 in a few weeks and I think I’d better get some things out of my system before it’s too late! I still have things to share in hopes that they can be informative and/or provocative, particularly to all students of Behavioral Health matters. I have written short papers on various aspects of my practice experience plus the main one that I term “Self-Analysis”. I still think the paper on Workers Comp does justice to a matter which is treated quite cavalierly by most persons who work in this field. I am now going to “cast more bread on the waters”. One does not have to agree with all my suggestions to find them useful for educational purposes. I’d appreciate hearing if the papers get read, plus any thoughts about their content. Ciao.

Papers by Harvey Small, MD:
Back Disorders: Combination Physical and Mental-Physical
Early Development
Case History: Ralph
Workers’ Compensation: Mental Injury Claims

Stanford University: 1944-45, 1946-49Stanford University: 1944-45, 1946-49
U.S. Marine Corps: 1945-46 Active, 1947-49 ReserveU.S. Marine Corps: 1945-46 Active, 1947-49 Reserve
McGill University: 1950-54McGill University: 1950-54
U.S. Air Force: 1954-64U.S. Air Force: 1954-64
U.S. Army: 1982-1990U.S. Army: 1982-1990

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